JETPEP: Jet plasma polishing

The innovation: JETPEP

The quality and flexibility of manual finishing - for the first time in a fully automated process.

Today, industrial customers are demanding ever smoother surfaces and ever more flexible manufacturing processes. This is where plasmotion has succeeded in innovating: Our JETPEP technology bundles the power of plasma polishing from the electrolyte bath into an electrolyte jet, and directs it precisely to the areas that are crucial for you. The distance-tolerant jet allows flexible automation - from robot-guided single nozzles to multijet cells. In this way, large, complex components can be polished and deburred in a targeted manner.

The strengths of the process come into their own particularly in the case of area-accurate requirements, complex flash patterns and additively manufactured components.

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Fast and precise metal finishing exactly where it really counts.

The strengths of plasma polishing combined with the freedom of a beam-based process. With JETPEP, it is possible to polish, clean and deburr individual contours in a targeted manner. In doing so, we bring the unique, plasma-electrolytic metal removal locally exactly where refinement is required. Both the processing of large, complex components and the surface-precise adjustment of roughness are no longer reserved for manual polishing, but can be fully automated.

Animation JETPEP - Plasma polishing of an extruded aluminum component with the JETPEP electrolyte jet on black background

Minimum roughness

JETPEP achieves your target roughness down to Ra 0.02 µm, largely preserving the initial geometry with minimal edge rounding. However, desired edge radii can also be set through targeted process control.

Unrivaled brilliance

Our surfaces are also convincing where aesthetics are required. Plasma polishing offers a higher gloss than electropolishing, and enables a uniform finish at the level of hand polishing.

Improved properties

Improve the feel, corrosion resistance and cleanability of your components with JETPEP. The finish from plasmotion meets even the highest requirements, e.g. in medical technology and the pharmaceutical industry.


Environmentally friendly electrolytes instead of acids, dust and noise. plasmotion's material-specific, proprietary electrolytes based on aqueous salt solutions are 100% harmless and recyclable according to REACH.

Basic technology

JETPEP is the beam-based further development of plasma polishing.

Plasma polishing is particularly proven in medical technology due to its surface quality and efficiency. The overall processing of the component in the electrolyte bath enables uniformly high-gloss, smooth and sterile surfaces in approx. 20 to 200 seconds. Thus, plasma polishing is very well suited for individual to series production of metal components where quality counts. However, the process flows required for this do not allow arbitrary scaling of the component size, so that large workpieces, internal contours and surface-precise requirements could not be processed until now.


JETPEP brings plasma polishing to the surface with pinpoint accuracy.

JETPEP is versatile - from single machining to multijet.

The unique functional principle of JETPEP makes adaptation to a wide variety of applications possible - optimized for cycle time, flexibility, or other core requirements. In our pilot plant at plasmotion, we rely on a robot-guided nozzle that enables the processing of components up to pallet size.


JETPEP is your highly efficient alternative
to manual finishing.

Today, the surface of large and complex workpieces often has to be finished manually. This process is expensive, error-prone and a burden on people & the environment. This is precisely where JETPEP often offers a fully automated alternative for the first time. It thus enables more efficient and sustainable finishing across all industries, from individual parts to large series.
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Manual deburring after machining or laser cutting is today a step without alternative, especially for large, complex metal components, before they can be used. Here, the selective processing of edges by JETPEP ensures reliable burr-free or targeted rounding, e.g. for aluminum milled components or flat products. Cycle times for the Grpßserie can be achieved via multi-nozzle systems.
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It is not only in mechanical and plant engineering that high surface requirements must be met for large workpieces. The machining of containers and large welded constructions, for example, is also often an expensive challenge.
JETPEP makes it possible to bring production steps that were previously outsourced as electropolishing back into the company if necessary. Especially when the focus is only on individual surfaces, selective machining with JETPEP saves time, energy and costs.

Up to 40 hours of manual work can go into the manual polishing of the contours in the final step of mold construction. With JETPEP, the power of plasma polishing can be applied selectively and thus save time at individual points, and the roughness can thus be adjusted specifically to the surface. For stamping and forming technology in particular, the surface finish is crucial to the quality of the end product.
With JETPEP, work processes can be automated to ensure consistent quality and processing steps can be reproduced, e.g. by robot-guided nozzles.

We are also happy to carry out the machining of your tools on our premises.

Suppliers in the life sciences sector in particular are regularly confronted with this problem: Important surfaces on internal contours, especially on medical technology parts and media guides, need to be finished. Here, JETPEP can be guided specifically to hard-to-reach places in order to efficiently bring the power of plasma polishing to the internal machining.


JETPEP can be seamlessly integrated into your existing production line

Replace inefficient and manual processes with JETPEP - whether in contract manufacturing at plasmotion or with individual systems at your site. We would be pleased to present the advantages of our technologies - from single part production to large series - to you personally. Or convince yourself with a sample of your components!

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Key factors

We optimize JETPEP together for your individual application.


Our extensive portfolio of materials from plasma polishing enables us to process almost all industrially relevant alloys. Currently, we prioritize working with stainless steel and aluminum.


The initial condition is decisive for the optimum surface. Like plasma polishing, JETPEP is not a shaping process, but refines the existing contours. Roughnesses of up to Ra 0.02 are possible.


We enable targeted metal finishing for components up to pallet size. Surfaces accessible from the outside can be polished, cleaned and deburred, as well as certain internal contours.


Have we aroused your interest? We would be happy to convince you of the potential of JETPEP for your company.

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of services around JETPEP, from contract manufacturing to large-scale production systems.

We validate JETPEP for your components with a sampling and jointly select the optimal machining strategy.

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